I really have been busy. Plus a book review.


I’ve been busy, raising a two year old (who just celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday.) and reading. Good Lord, so much reading. I’ve been trying to burn through my stack of library book but every time I return a book to the library I pick up two more, counter productive, I know. I joined a book club with the amazing gals at thats-normal.   Who turned me on to the fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. (Barron’s, sigh.)

So in place of a real post here is review I did of the book “The Spectacular Now” by Tim Tharpe. It’s full of spoilers because I just can’t help myself. I am looking forward to seeing the movie, hopefully they can get all the basic themes down right. Plus I adore Shailene Woodsley, (and not just because she’s Tris and Hazel).


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