Day 4. The View from Here.


The view from here

Link of the week. GoFollowRabbits

Shit I was looking at when i should have been going to sleep at a decent hour.

What should I read Next


Reader’s Bill of Rights


Just realized


Just realized

That the 9th Doctor is Hamlet on my Goodreads page I’ve had for the past two years. That’s all.

Words are my Religion


I started this blog originally (on blogger) to be a Twilight blog. I thought that I would end up like UC and Moon from LTT. It turns out the kind of dedication it takes to keep up a blog like that is far more than I am capable of. So i began to write about other things. Still no one really read it. Which is fine. I suppose I can look at this endeavor as a diary. Isn’t that what it should be, anyway? A place to channel our angst and bliss? I know I have spent many hours pouring over posts about infertility, at times a place like this has saved me.

I am an aspiring writer. It wasn’t until I was 15 that a snaggled toothed boyfriend (on our one week anniversary, no less) told me that most people who write will never be famous for it. I had never before considered that i would not be a success. After all writing is my balm, words are my salvation whether it is writing or reading. I can’t count the times I was feeling low and the only thing that helped was a good book. More then God, I believe in the power of the written word. It has been a while since I have written anything. I haven’t updated my fan-fiction in almost a year. But I have it inside of me. Maybe I am inspired by my friend Missy and her honest post about the story inside her. Maybe soon I’ll start back up again.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

The 11th Doctor and His TARDIS


I had this long blog post about how I haven’t been blogging for all these amazing reasons like saving South African amoebas or something but of course it got deleted accidentally because the only time I turn on my laptop anymore is to watch Buffy.

This Halloween I feel like I finally got it right. Normally I struggle because no costume is that right mix of being flattering, cool and somewhat original. I made our costumes, with me being the TARDIS and Jackson the 11th Doctor (admittedly with Tennant hair, though.) I think they looked really great and were surprisingly easy to create once I got started. If you have any question message me and I’ll let you know.

Also I want to remind you that according to Gaiman the TARDIS’ other name is Sexy.