I really have been busy. Plus a book review.


I’ve been busy, raising a two year old (who just celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday.) and reading. Good Lord, so much reading. I’ve been trying to burn through my stack of library book but every time I return a book to the library I pick up two more, counter productive, I know. I joined a book club with the amazing gals at thats-normal.   Who turned me on to the fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. (Barron’s, sigh.)

So in place of a real post here is review I did of the book “The Spectacular Now” by Tim Tharpe. It’s full of spoilers because I just can’t help myself. I am looking forward to seeing the movie, hopefully they can get all the basic themes down right. Plus I adore Shailene Woodsley, (and not just because she’s Tris and Hazel).


Gah! That ending. It was odd being in a teenage boys head. I loved that this book made me reflect on myself. It reminded me very much of my high school experiences. Sorry I just have to break out right now….

I don’t know what to think about the ending. after I finished it I couldn’t sleep for a long while, just going over the last two paragraphs.
Personally I think he’s just going to end up similar to his father. Floating through life. Living in the “spectacular now.” (BTW how many times was the word spectacular in this book? I get the point, Tharpe.)

I also thought there would be some horrific car crash, Sutter would see the error of his ways. After Aimee and Sutter became more serious I was convinced that he was going to get her killed by drinking and driving. I was glad that there was only a slow release of the relationship. I hate when books have that obvious moral theme. (After-school special)
 I knew that Sutter would break Aimee’s heart. I identified a little too much with Aimee, (From high school, not now)It was hard to get through at times. The need for approval, wanting to make others happy even when it is your downfall. I’m sure that in a very hurtful way Sutter thought he was was doing her a favor, despite the fact that he left her with a drinking problem and broken heart. I was more worried about Aimee at the end than Sutter.

In the end I thought the author did a good job of creating a extremely self destructive character who I couldn’t help but like. Maybe i just knew too many kids like him in my younger years. I still have a friend who is like that. This book n=made me very sad when i started thinking about my friend, the life of the party but no one will take him serious. A running joke and whathaveyou.
I wonder, did Sutter realize how dangerous a life he was living, was he purposely creating this life? It seemed odd that he  is the narrator and yet he never had an epiphany on how self destructive he was. Was he that oblivious? He saw that way others took advantage of Aimee and never looked at his own behavior as the same?

That was a novel. Wow.



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