Act like you’re good at it


Copernicus cooling off in the Northwest heat wave

Tonight did not disappoint. A reading filled with win that only references of Wil Wheaton, Pegasuses (pegasi?), Six hour marathons of the Tenth Doctor, and Neil Gaiman could accomplish. After two lorazepams, an hour waiting in line after a tearful (on my part) story,  I finally got to meet my idol Jennifer Lawson.

I bumbled my way through introductions and made a half way coherent attempt at a sentence. (To be recreated later.)

Best part, I got to hug her. I have been hugged by The Bloggess. Or strangled, because as we all know, A HUG IS LIKE A STRANGLE YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED YET!

I’m probably not as cuddly as Copernicus

One of the scariest and most exhilarating moments I’ve ever had.

There have been several times that I have wanted to get out there and meet these people who have inspired me. So many should have’s, tucked away to haunt me. But not this time. I got my signature and I got my hug and for one moment I got the attention of a person I hope to be like.

I couldn’t contain my excitement upon meeting her!

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