Only Yes means Yes


I’m sure some may be offended by the casual use of the word “Slut” but for this purpose I can understand it’s relevance. This event is about taking back the right for woman to be sexual creature without the risk of being victimized for it. Rape is not about sex, rape is about power over another person. When did it become culturally appropriate for a person to hurt another person? We need to stop blaming the victim for her dress, intoxication or failure to make the right decision in every situation. No one deserves to be victimized in this way. No woman dresses provocatively in the hopes to be assaulted. It degrades woman and men to the same degree. Are we to allow our children to think that men are mindless creatures that cannot control their impulses around a scantily clad female?

Want to know more about the back story and the Slutwalk movement or Slutwalk Seattle? Visit

Slutwalk Seattle

An original article about the movement

SlutWalk Toronto, where it all started


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