I lost my heart to you years ago


Nine years ago Rusty and I drove back from a party out in the woods, (Next to a lake, cases of Coors Light and sitting on the back of a pickup truck. Basically every party where I grew up) I was the designated driver who lost a contact in the woods and drove the thirty miles back, one eyed.

Despite my partial blindness I felt the need to fulfill my womanly duty to ask where our relationship was going. Rusty and I discussed how we felt and decided that we were indeed embarking on a serious relationship. Cut the story some slack here, we were in high school and that is how relationships are formed in high school.

NIne years ago today we became officially a couple and through those years we have lived in different states, bought  a house, got married, went to Greece, fought about bills and dishes, laughed about dog farts and clumsy feet. We’ve lost family and friends. After years of trying finally got pregnant and are embarking on out newest adventure yet. I don’t regret one moment of these nine years I’ve spent with him.


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