Day Six-This will sound far nerdier than I intended


I had a hard time with the music on this post. I finally decided that this post should be complimented by Nick Cave.

Day 6 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

It shouldn’t be a secret that I want to be a writer. Or rather a writer who could focus on writing, and not a 9-5 job, without fear of homelessness.

I am not saying that I want to trade places with JK Rowling because of Harry Potter. If all it took was an author to write a popular book how about Stephanie Meyer or Nora Ephron?

Because Rowling is an amazing writer.

While most people may condemn Rowling for only writing children’s books. At the risk of sounding incredibly dorky, the harry Potter books are not children’s books. Or rather, not only children’s books. Through the saga she creates a Tolkien-scale world. She creates storybook villains that clearly echo our own real world villains. She makes you fall in love with these characters. Simply put, she is an amazing writer. When I read her stories I am concurrently amazed and intimidated by her prowess as a writer.

Plus, it should go without saying that she is fabulously wealthy.


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