Japanese Giraffe pillows and Someone is a jerk (hint, it’s not you)


I have all these great idea for a blog post while I’m wrapped around my giraffe body pillow. (Giraffe print not shape. Although that would be a spectacular baby shower gift, Mom…)

Unfortunately I am always too tired to get up and turn on my computer so I’ll just tweet whatever random thought I had and hope that I’ll eventually get around to typing something witty or at least coherent. I think we all know how that works out. So most of the time I end up with this.

Zombie Larsson Version 1

Which seems like another example of my icicle sharp wit* until I wake the next day and realize that once again I have made a joke at the expense on another dead person.

I blame the fact that I may have inhaled Windex fumes. Not this Windex,  the window cleaner.

 Shit I was looking at when I should have been returning my Netflix to the mailbox.

Cutting loose pregnant style

Going West

The Homosexual Steamroller

Penguins are bad at logic

all cats, and their elderly owners, should be kept in bear-proof containers.

A little late but, The Year Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas

And lastly, This video is thought provoking and funny and controversial. I may not agree with some points but I love it.

RSA-Changing Educational Paradigms

Update: I looked up giraffe body pillows and ended up getting these results.

Zombie Larsson Version 2

While I do not judge the type who are into body pillow relationship ala James Franco on 30 Rock.

I don’t even mind if a person wants to cuddle up to a bad nose job Edward. 

I think, in the end, I would prefer the gigantic mustache. If that’s what it is. I may have just admitted I want to cuddle with a type of fetishism I hadn’t even realized.

Wondering about the title? I had originally title the first picture “Zombie Larsson” and then I accidentally saved the screen cap over it. So there are now two versions of Zombie Larsson to share. Some days I can’t believe what a douche I am.

*I bet you’re just dying that you didn’t make up something as fantastic as icicle sharp. Not cliché or nonsensical, deserving to be in an Britney Spears song at all.


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