Breaking Down and Breaking Up Before Breaking Dawn


This post is brought to you by Paul Simon.


I have reached a sad but necessary conclusion recently. After years of being completely faithful in my love, I have to end it today. Yes, Twilight I am breaking up with Twilight. I’m not saying that I won’t have an occasional tryst on those long lonely nights. I may come crawling back to it around November. But for now I just can’t do it. This relationship has gone too far and it is no longer fun.

As much as I love Twilight it needs to end, if only to stop receiving the awful merchandise. I really didn’t need all these shirts with Rob’s face on them. I’m not fourteen and if I was it would have been JTT all the way.

These carefree days are gone.

I am tired of people telling me every twilight reference they observe.

Hey Megan, I saw vampire fangs and thought of you!”

Super for you, but I don’t need to know that you are going to Forks or if you saw a new Twilight magazine out or be asked about the next movie. I do love this saga but I am tired of people thinking that is all there is to me.

There was a point when people knew more about me than the fact that I like Twilight. I actually read quite a bit and although I love the saga, I am not all that impressed with S.M. writing. It’s easy, it’s fun, but it’s not amazing.

I started reading the books when we were trying to get pregnant. The story of a clumsy girl and her perfect vampire were a great escape. Because that is what these stories are, an escape from the real world. They are not my whole world. When your adult problems seem to overwhelm you, it can be nice to travel back to a time when your biggest worries were whether a boy liked you and wanted to hold your hand. (Cause, really there wasn’t much else in the first three books.)

You don’t have to analyze the emotions because Bella is every teenage girl. That is the appeal. And I’m not saying that I don’t still harbor a crush on Rob, because I absolutely do. It’s just that the saga as whole doesn’t hold the same spark.  So as much as I loved it once I have to say  goodbye. Please don’t try to offer me shirts or boxed candy (Fire and Ice) I will go on with my life and look back at these moments with fondness.

But I’m taking this love underground.


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