I swear I’m not doing this because of I-Tunes


I can’t exactly pin point what it is about me lately. I was once a very cynical person. And now? I find myself crying at the drop of a hat, or rather at the beginning of Love Actually. Which is a very sweet opening to a movie. Or maybe it’s the wedding scene where the band begins to play All You Need is Love. Because, The Beatles are amazing and timeless and Without fail I Will makes me teary eyed and nostalgic.

I can’t say that I’ve changed to person I am completely. The opening riffs of “I hope you dance” make me ill and I detest cards with kittens on them.

And yet, I am definitely softening up a little. And is that so bad?

Yeah, I suppose it is.

Signs of my cynicism or the lack there of. Is that one word? lackthereof, no it’s separate. Unlike nevertheless which confuses me….

Fuck You, Flowers

Baby Dreams

I’ll include a dog picture if it features the phrase “They be raping everyone.”

Christ’s Sake

Root Beer Sucks


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