Toby Tyler was a smiler.


Birthday girl, Toby TylerThere is this girl I know.

She is a fantastic baker who mastered the art of cinnamon rolls years ago. She makes phallic cookies for teenage boys birthday’s and pumpkin cheesecake just because.

She started a trend in the fourth grade of wearing her overalls backwards.

She has a gnarly scar from a long boarding fall. (My worst injury is when I twisted my ankle trying to walk in  a straight line.)

She would never misappropriate public utilities.

She once had a stuffed shark named Sally who when you would squeeze it would growl.

Her nickname derives from a book where a young boy runs away to join the circus.

She choreographed a dance to Citizen King’s “And the Bottom Drops Out” on a half-pipe.

She may have a website devoted to her; Toby Tyler*

She loves John Steinbeck and introduced me to Tom Robbins.

She has the best taste in music of anyone I know of.

She likes to dance Pointe in her kitchen. (while baking of course!)

She might be funnier than me.

She stayed with her sister inside for two weeks while she was getting over chicken pox and then when Toby Tyler got it, her asshole sister ran off to play. (But I don’t know who that sister could be…)

Happy Birthday Toby. I love my little sissy.

*Or it could be completely separate. Anything is possible.


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