A Viral Love Letter


I did not write this article. I want to make that clear off the bat. Rosa Golijan, the author of this post is from Gizmodo.

I am being very lazy and can’t think how to even put the words together to describe this idea. It’s cool, that’s a word right? I may be a little bit of a sap lately, but this story is very sweet.

The video was put together by a guy named Walter C. May and his roommates—who just happen to be in a band called The Daylights. It was posted on YouTube yesterday and has since then been tweeted about by May’s friends, random strangers, and even Katy Perry.

But May’s girlfriend, for whom the video was made, hasn’t seen it yet.

That’s because May wanted the video to reach her organically—through tweets, links passed between friends, and blog posts. He wanted to show his girl that they “can feel close without having to be close every day,” and that their relationship can remain strong even though they’ll be thousands of miles apart over the next two years.

Rosa Golijan, the author of this post. Original article on Gizmodo


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