Winter Winds


This post is brought to you by Rusty’s driving and my especially shoddy camera work.

Last weekend we got excited about the idea of snow so we drove up to Jefferson County (The county Twilight forgot, poor things) and drove up the side of a mountain. This isn’t really a post as much as it is a way to share all our pictures of the snow.

And of course it wouldn’t be a trip until someone got stuck, so here I am trailer hitch deep in the snow and dirt. (Which I do believe is called snirt)

Snirt just got real

It was great until  two days after we did this it snowed everywhere in the PacNor and knocked out 55,000 peoples power in our county. I was stuck at my house for three days straight.

I love the snow, I love snow days. I don’t like running out of coffee when it’s 15 degrees outside.


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