Deadlines are whooshing past me


I don’t know if you ever listen to these videos, but please, please listen to this song. Without further ado, this post is brought to you by The Visqueen.*

I would apologize for not posting recently, but I’m assuming all my devoted readers have gotten used to my sporadic posts and my overwhelmingly lazy demeanor. So I won’t OneRepublic you tonight.

Side note. When they say;

I’m holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground

Do you picture a noose around his neck? Or is that just morbid me.

Here are my updates.

  • I got a Tumblr
  • I finally read a Neil Gaiman book (Stardust) and then got every Neil Gaiman book from the library and have become completely obsessed.
  • Found the Apocalypse funny.
  • I used the phrase “It’s a really funny story about the Apocalypse.” Which apparently doesn’t sound possible to some people.
  • I reread The Host, all the Mortal Instruments, and all the Harry Potters.
  • I went to the midnight showing of HP and didn’t take one bathroom break during the movie.
  • Found that a lot of people don’t cite their sources online. I hope I do it okay.
  • I looked up  Breaking Dawn news but got distracted when I found  Jumping Rob
  • I took a fantastic self portrait on accident

    snow, four wheeling, the pacific northwest, megnacarta

    I'm really not sure why I added the hat

  • I made a ton of quotes on top of landscape pictures and my Sylvia Plath poem was very popular. Which is weird because I didn’t even have to lomo-tise it on Picnik.

I know I just posted these a few days ago, but I have a ton saved up in my big ups folder.

The Beautiful Countdown

Dangerous Animals

Scroll down

Anatomy of a Courtship

And I just really wanted to post this again, who is going to stop me? You? Ha!

*I really am sorry, it took so long.


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