Prejudices and Venn diagrams

I saw this great quote on FOUND and share it on several different sites before looking up the author. I was surprised to find that it came from a book that is sold through the LDS. While I personally have nothing against the Mormon Church, I felt a little disconcerted that I was drawn to quote dispersed by that  religion. I know that there is a difference between the Mormon Church and the crazy clans in Colorado City.
I guess sometimes we form these opinions, that while seeming innocent can become prejudices. Our thought need to be carefully controlled. I shouldn’t  disregard the quote if I like it simply because it was said by someone who is a religion that is somewhat affiliated with another religion that I do not understand, (though quite admittedly, fascinates me.) I’d like to think I am a very liberal person. But sometimes I find that even this left wing, girl who as a teen  had a poster of Martin Luther King Jr hanging next to her teen beat cut outs of JTT, can make snap judgements that are wrong.
I feel like this isn’t coming out right and I’m sounding like some crazy racist. I’m not, I am simply pointing out that sometimes even those who feel they are accepting of all people can
What is funnier than this picture of Venn Diagram, is the comments below; as people argue whether a Venn diagram are mathematical. I should probably ask Cantante but I’m too busy being lazy and acting like a child all weekend.

I always prefered the blue


No WhatWolf

Well Done, Steak!

Which one am I?


Like he’s gliding through the fucking Matrix

Photo is from Surviving The World


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