And I’m not scared


This post is brought to you by Bat for Lashes. This video is a odd mix of horrifying and beautiful.

It is Halloween today. Last year I dressed as Victoria for Halloween, (Rachelle, not Bryce: bitch) and Cantante was Alice. Which was awesome. Except the red didn’t wash out of my hair for months and I always feel weird when I dye my hair red because Rusty’s whole family has natural red hair and I just feel like a poser. Poser, man I haven’t used that word in years.

Not actually Irish, so keep your lips to yourself, unless you’re Cam Gigadet, than it’s okay.

This year I decided I was going to be Flo, from progressive. But we haven’t gone out once to wear our costumes. Plus I saw a mom at my school, who had that costume and she did a much better job ironing on the letters and mastered the ability to do the poof, a skill I cannot accomplish no matter how hard I try.*

Recently I read a book of nursery rhymes to child in my class. While reading Peter, peter, Pumpkin Eater, I realized this is about spousal abuse!

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

Had a wife, but couldn’t keep her

He hid her in a pumpkin shell

and there he kept her very well.

Did you catch that! Domestic abuse is never acceptable, especially when it involves an all pumpkin diet. Because that causes jaundice. True Story.**

Also speaking of creepy shit. I figure Halloween is a better time than any to mention that Hotel California gives me nightmares. Other things that freak me out?

  1. Gollam in The Hobbit. (Not in any of the live action Lord of the Rings though)
  2. Aliens
  3. The idea of my Achilles tendon being cut
  4. Bono
  5. Being in the bathroom when it is dark.
  6. When it is pitch dark between the bathroom and my bedroom and I have to run and jump into bed before some unidentified creature cuts my Achilles tendon

Now here are some Halloween shit I was looking at when I should have been ratting my hair to put  in a bump-it.

Aloutte is creepy

Buy The Cookies

This frightens me

Trick or treaters

Another Bat for Lashes video that is just as creepy

Clowns are people too

*Which is once a month when I’m bored

**Not actually true. But it can’t be good for you.


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