Sappy little girl


I’d like to think I am not an especially emotional person. I’m sure my husband would disagree, but there are plenty of times I have been in a sad situation and the time was optimal for a sob fest and my eyes have remained dry. Then there are times when I will sit at home watching Glee and this commercial comes on.

And I will cry.

Lately I have been feeling sick. nausea and headaches and lethargic. No, I am not pregnant. I looked up my symptoms and it turns out that I could have been a bad botox injection or norwalk. Or it could be that I have been running around the county doing pageant stuff and the onslaught of the new school year. Or maybe I’m going crazy.

I hate this, oh wait, now I love it.

It would appear that I am suffering from something, even if it is Hypochondria-a word I had to look up the spelling for.


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