The G.D. Sunflower debacle


This post is brought to you by Everclear.


I love sunflowers. Cheesy, yellow, as big as your head Sunflowers. I love sunflowers seeds and sunflower’s in a vase. I love sunflowers so much that when I was seventeen I got my first tattoo of a sunflower on my hip. My wedding was all sunflowers.    

sunflowers, wedding flowers, wedding rings,

One of my favorite shots of the day.


But as much as I love the actual flower; I hate all sunflower trinkets. They’re cheesy and almost always paired with a combination of green plaid, bright butterflies and popsicles.    

I have  learned that you need to be careful what you tell people.  I once told a coworker that I liked sunflowers and she got me for secret santa and bought me every item from the dollar store with sunflowers on it, including a ceramic snow globe that plays an off-key Clair de Lune and doesn’t include a slow dancing Edward Cullen, so really what the point.    

The moral of the story is this, You tell people your interest  and then you have to store all your stupid sunflower shit somewhere and then your husband yells at you because he is sick and tired of tripping over the wooden sunflowers and you’re all “Don’t blame me, Blame my coworker.” But really you only have yourself to blame.    

And that is the worst because I hate admitting I’m wrong, which I probably why I’m here and not cleaning up my house.    

Shit I was looking at when I should have thrown away a gingham tablecloth.    

If you can pronounce this, (I couldn’t)    

Successful sociopath    

Fanfiction; Sassy Gay Friend and the Old Spice Guy    

Change the scene depending on your emotion. Today I’m feeling gregarious.    

I am guilty of a few of these, can you guess which ones?    

[Sunflower picture is from my wedding photographer, Isabel. I’m in her portfolio under weddings. Images by Isabel]


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