I went to Forks and all I got was an annoyed husband


This post is brought by a photo show that I made with a shitty copy of Coconut Records-West Coast. 


The Husband and I went to Kalaloch this weekend and celebrated out third wedding anniversary. We spent a lot of time on the beach; chasing birds, taking pictures of our shadows and antagonizing a large crab. At some point I bent down to pick up a clear rock and got a handful of jellyfish which freaked me out, but Rusty made me feel better by peeing in the ocean and possibly flashing Japan. Or is it Russia?     

We went down on the beach after dark to sit on a blanket and drink Framboise out of the bottle. A huge light from what I am only assuming is either a boat or an alien was bobbing in the west. We snuggled and laughed and he shined the flashlight at other beach dwellers in what I’m pretty sure was Killer Jellyfish in morse code. And then we looked up at the stars and I found both the little and big dipper (and consequently lost them) as well as my first real shooting star.     

shooting star wishes in the sky

I wished for more framboise


The next day, my friend said that he too is writing a book, kind of like Tolkien but with native folklore and I was excited until he said there were no werewolves. Which really sucks, but I suppose if he wants to get all philosophical he can and then he jumped on top of a fallen tree and took his shirt off and tried to act like Edward Cullen and I couldn’t find my camera but I drew this picture instead.     

Cullen impressions in Kalaloch
Pretty much how it went down

And it was awesome.  

 My BFF Cantante went to Forks and I bought killer rain boots that said ‘Forks, love at first bite’ which isn’t exactly true since Edward didn’t bite Bella until they were in Phoenix but “Forks- where Edward creeps in windows and doesn’t want to get laid, until he can give Bella a caesarean with his teeth two years later” doesn’t have the same ring, I suppose.

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