A little prophetic


This post brought to you by Muse. I’m not a big fan of Muse despite the fact that S.Meyer hero worships them. But  I do really like this song.


Sometimes just when you’re feeling down life sends you just a little sign that lets you know that things will begin to look up. It cold be something as small as a purple bud poking it’s way through the rocks in my front yard or it could be something as big as, oh I don’t know, this maybe…       

Everything is alright

There are no words


 It is highly likely that I stumbled upon this website more because of the late night time I was lurking, random binary codes and a trigger happy finger on the like button. I am sure that this it the most likely explanation, but all i know is that I got this at a time when I truly needed a little pick me up.       

Things I was looking at when I wasn’t watching reruns of Freaks and Geeks       

This is how much I love you       

Brilliant wit and chickens       

Bread Kills       

so wrong, I am simply speechless    

[Pictures Via Blame it on the Voices and this website]


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