Gone going, gone everything, gone give a damn


There may be fifty ways to leave your lover but there is only out of this town. I wish being happy was as simple as some people think it is. There are those people who will themselves into a blissful life.     

Is that all it takes? Well shit!


I try to do this but all I end up with is caffeine withdrawals where I listen to Taking Back Sunday songs on repeat. (Why yes, I do have a bad feeling about this, Thanks.) MAybe this is all because I have to start another school year in  a few short weeks, or because I am watching reruns of Dawson’s Creek and once again Joey is having  a crisis and no one is having sex. For the love of God, Pacey just get with her!     

Dawson's Creek, Pacey Witter, Frost the tips, joshua JAckson
Frosting the tips

When I started rewatching the show I commented to the Husband that I had wanted to marry Pacey Witter, to which he acted like he had never heard of him. Can’t fool me buddy, I know you still hold a candle for Jen Lindley and her midriff baring red turtle necks.     

 This is what I was doing when I should have buying groceries. Cheese and garlic chili sauce only gets you so far.     

At first I thought this was dumb but I kept scrolling and it just kept offering little beads of sweetness     

Some Bullshit Happened      

Going to College     

So Jerri Blank      

So Nemesis     

I keep watching this over and over. You get it right?       


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