Snow in July, sounds like the making of a mattress commercial.


One time this guy at my work wore this tee-shirt that said “Sarcasm just one of my many talents” which I laughed at and then pointed out that for that to be true he would have to be either not talented or not sarcastic. And then I gave myself a headache because I couldn’t remember what irony really was. I should have looked up irony here before being such a know it all. Which I don’t think is ironic or funny or smart. I just don’t know anything, except the guy was a douche. I know that.

A few winters ago it began to snow for the first time of the season. Snow in the PacNor is always a joyous occasion. It hardly ever sticks, it is quite a novelty and the entire western portion of the state shuts down because we have no clue how to get around in five inches of mush. I was once off work for two weeks because it snowed fourteen inches in one night.

My cousin, Tone-Loc and I stood in our kitchen watching the snow come down through the french door. We must have stood there for thirty minutes, gazing at our lawn become a rare winter wonderland.

Marijuana is a highly illegal drug  in America now. So I am in no way stating that i have ever used it. Because that would be incriminating and suspicious. So I really have no way of know how it feels to be under the influence of such a substance. But I imagine (If I had ever done it) that is how it would feel to see Snowflakes falling for the first time of the season. This is about the same thing. I could play with this all day long. Which is probably why I’ve had to wear the same maxi dress for three days in a row.

Shit I was looking at when I should have gone to the gym.

I wish I could get married everyday just to wear things like this

This may be ironic, depending on the situation.

Holy shit.


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