Technology is the bane of my existence sometimes or I am just a f-tard.


This post is brought to you by John Mayer. And some guys illustrations. And a lot of blood apparently. Weird.

I had this great post about a question I have for the writers of True Blood. I was curious how, if Jessica’s hymen grows back every time after she has sex, and if vampires have these insane healing capabilities, would Hoyt get stuck in Jessica while they were having sex? 

So I took out my voice recorder and said, “Hymen, sex, Hoyt, Jessica.” 

I placed it back into my bag and promptly forgot about it, until as I was leaving the library with a stack of children’s books I ran into the door with my purse, (which is an often occurence) the stupid thing went off, on top volume, 

 “Hymen, sex, Hoyt, Jessica.” 

I glanced around trying to make it look like I didn’t know where the sound was coming from and hoping that the scary librarian with the yellow hair would assume it was some punk kid from the school across the street. 

Voice recorder, note to self, person talking, douche nugget

Note to self, I am a douche nugget


When I looked up voice recorders I found this. I don’t know what it has to do with voice recorders but I secretly want one, just wear around. I totally thing have a thing for hats and this would really add to my collection. 

Not just for Easter anymore!


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