Cantante rocks my world

This post is brought to you by Johnathan Larson.  

So Mr. and I traveled the few hours it takes to get to the Kalaloch Lodge for Valentines Day. As some don’t know, Kalaloch is located about a half hour from the promise land AKA Forks. Last time we went,  I got into it with the Hubby. (He’s a mechanic) It went something like this.  

Me-Let me know if you see my boyfriend. He’s waiting for me in these woods.
Mr.-Edward Cullen isn’t here
Me-Why would you say that? Thats just mean.
Mr.-And more importantly Edward Cullen couldn’t fix your car.
 Me – (Heavy sigh and internal debate to correct him…) You’re right sweetie. He couldn’t.
Silly Mr. everyone knows that Edward Cullen could fix anything. He’s perfect for Gods sake. Later, I’m retelling the story to Cantante and without skipping a beat she remarks, “Maybe, but Jacob could.” 
And that bitches is why she is my best friend.
When I first met Cantante my first impression was this girl is so funny and sweet and pretty, I hope I could be her friend some day. No I wasn’t four; I was in fact nineteen. Pathetic? Maybe, but nevertheless that was my impression. She is one of those crazy super woman types that you look a t and think, Christ could you stop being so fantastic? You’re making me look bad!
We both are total musical theatre fans (RENT being the best, West Side Story the worst we’ve seen together) and share a huge passion for pageants, cheesecake and overpriced purses. I was once feeling sad and she took me out to see a Zac Efron movie and eat cheesecake. She is a fantastic mother,musician, Zumba booty shaker,  friend and most importantly, just as crazy about Twilight as I am. In return for getting her hooked on Twilight, she got me hooked on Harry Potter. Luckily we can use her son as an excuse for HP, something we can’t do for Twilight.

We made our husbands take this picture. Because that is how hard core we are.


She will call me to tell me about any Twilight related news she has heard and totally gets what it is about the saga that has me so crazy. Plus she can play basically all of the score on the piano and will call me to play me Bella’s Lullaby sometimes.  Anytime some one tries to get into a conversation about Twilight or god forbid go see it with us. She will calmly lay down the law of what is and isn’t appropriate twi-conduct. She is my heart shaped diamond, my American Bird and my spider monkey.
So on this Eclipse premiere night I toast her, my darling. And because I know she loves to hear it. I LOVE YOU!





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