Mel Gibson is going to hate me


This post is brought to you by Mason Jennings.*

I’m Catholic; born, baptized and first communion and reconciliation. I used to love going to church when I was younger. Religion is a funny thing as a child; the higher power which ever it may be, seems so large and unwavering. It isn’t until we are older that we begin to question the hypocrisy that is organized religion.

But since the age of twelve I haven’t regularly attended church, but I have my own faith that doesn’t require me to sit in a stuffy church with brown stained glass windows. I believe that everyone should come to their own conclusions about religion.

My parents were married in the same small church that i attended for years. I thought that i would get married in that church, had dreamed of it for years, in fact. But then, years ago Cantante got married there. And they treated her so poorly. She was wasn’t allowed to have mass because sher lived with her fiance, the maid of honor was yelled at minutes before walking down the aisle for having exposed shoulders.

the road to hell

Basically, all my ideas of being married in the church were dashed. I was not about to deal with the
sanctimony involved. Mr., not being Catholic was fine with the idea. I would have had to strong arm him into it anyways.

I also like to joke about religion in a borderline blasphamous way. One of my all time favorite movies is Dogma. Not only because it has such a great cast but because it deals with religion is a way that proves how miscontrued religion can be. PLus it has Jay and Silent Bob in it. My favorite part?

Cardinal Glick: Mass attendance is at an all-time low in this country. But if we can let ’em know the Catholic church has a little panache, we can win ’em back – even get some new ones…Fill them pews, people! That’s the key. Grab the little ones as well. Hook ’em while they’re young.

Rufus: Kind of like the tobacco industry?

Cardinal Glick: Christ, if only we had their numbers.

George Carlin is a genius.

So that makes me a Cafeteria Catholic, (see definition three) . Which is fine by me.

*That song is my entire religious outlook in two minutes. Amazingballs.


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