Random and short and probably won’t make sense.


This post is brought to you by The Gossip-I love me some Beth Ditto.

Since I was thirteen I have been obsessed with a certain book. It’s about a socially inept girl who has a long string of bad fortune befall her. There are dogs in it. It’s not Twilight, It’s Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone. Looking back this book is probably far too adult for a teenager to be reading, but of course my parents let me see Showgirls with Jesse Spano. Now, the only part I remember from that movie is that she said brown rice and vegetable taste like dog food and that Trey from Sex and the City is in it. Oh, and there may have been the most unrealistic sex scene known to man.

Jesse Spano and Showgirls
I see where you’re going with this Berkely; Congrats, you’ll never be the good girl again.


Where was I? Right, Dolores Price from She’s Come Undone. In the book she finds these naked Polaroids of her roommate’s boyfriend. She talks about how the man’s eyes (not his naughty bits) beseeched her. This line has haunted me for a long time now, much like a lot of the quotes from the book. Like basically everything else in the world I can connect this single line to Twilight, or more importantly, Rob.

Rob in TV magazine
Beseeching me

Rob would make a fantastic Dante. If he really wanted to switch things up, play a character who isn’t so loveable, some one who is quite manipulative and complex. I could totally see it.

 [Source: RobertPattinsonSource via ThinkingofRob]


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