Strangers in my soup


This post is brought to you by Jimmy Buffett. 

This post is for my father or as he now likes to be refered to El Presidente of  Team Bella. For twenty and some odd years he has been there for me to teach me the important things in life. 

Bowling is serious business


Only the truly classy can rock the Magnum and sweatpants


There are places you can't drink beer at Safeco


Nothing feels better than heckling Ichiro and the little dance that he'll do for us.


No matter who is around you should show your spouse how much you love them


gang signs, wedding rehearsal, Dad

There is no occasion too fancy to throw up gang signs


rainer beer, baby pics

It's never too early to love Rainer


Hot Tubbing, Woman Haters Hallow

How to fully enjoy a nice homemade hot tub in a Place called Woman Haters Hollow


How to boogy down even when your daughter dances like Bella Swan


Happy Fathers Day, Your Awesomeness. Maybe today I can admit that I am in fact, second best .


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