Reagan told me to Just Say No

I am a preschool teacher. On average we are a tame bunch. All cute and sing songy. A few years ago, I worked with a really sweet girl who married young and had two small boys. At some point of her marriage she decided that she didn’t actually want that kind of life. So she did the only logical thing there is to do in that situation. She went absolutely insane. We aren’t talking about quirky cute crazy. No, she went Britney Spears on us. She left her husband and two boys, began to come to work in a pink wig.
When this occurred, my friends and I tried to figure out what her deal was. Was she simply a case of a girl who married too young? Or perhaps she was on something. That got me thinking. You never hear about some one on heroin anymore. What ever happened to the grandeur of heroin chic?

Cocaine looks just like tank tops.


Instead we have the ugliness of other drugs. Instead of Kate Moss we get Amy Winehouse.   

You know you want to hit that


After time has passed I can say with all certainty that she was indeed on something. High on life, I think not. Especially when she started working at a bar wearing a school girl costume and shamrock pasties. A look that I not matter how time passes, I don’t think I could ever pull off.

Sure you can trust me with your children!



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