I’m such a fan girl


Last night in a burst of energy I sent a fan letter to The Bloggess. If you haven’t checked her out do so immediately. She is not only the funniest thing on the Internet, (and I’m sure she would be just as funny in person.) but incredibly insightful about the world. She is a true inspiration to a wannabe blogger such as myself and has challenged me to be a better writer.

I had recently read her hilarious post about  Japanese eyelash glue and felt the urge to let her know just how awesome I think she is. So I wrote her this following letter.

Dear Jenny,

Not to sound too virgin on her sweet sixteen after a few too many Mike’s Hard Lemonades, but I’ve never done this. I’ve never written to someone I admire before. Probably because I feel like my letter would just get lost in that huge black hole of the Internet. Plus I have a feeling that you are a very busy woman. Yet I still find myself writing to you because you possess an odd mix of snarky humor and genuine affection for your craft. Something about you is so warm and approachable, even though I know you are now a celebrity, I still feel as if you could be my next door neighbor. You are a very talented writer and I wanted you to know that. I’m sure you knew that already, but as a hopeful writer myself, I feel you can never get too much praise. (And apparently use the word too, too often.)

Your sincerity and dedication challenges me to want to be a better writer and person. Thank you for being so honest, both with your humor and with your heart ache. I have suffering from infertility for over three years now and it was so refreshing to see your post (50 things) where you talked about forgiving yourself, your miscarriages. Something about the way you talk about makes me feel as if I’m not alone in this fight. Sorry I’m so blubbery, like I said before; I’ve never done this before.

Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see your book, I have every faith that you will finish and get it published. You are a famous person now.

A loyal fan,


Now, I honestly thought that she wouldn’t get my email any time soon, if ever. I was resigned to the idea I may never hear from her, because let’s face it; she probably gets a few more emails than me. Instead I woke up to find a sweet and personal response from her.
She thanked me for writing and expressed gratitude for my letter. She also gave me some warm thoughts and well wishes in my battle with those baby blues. Her letter invigorated me and my face hurt from how smiley I was after reading it.

As if I couldn’t think this woman was more awesome. Seriously! This letter has lifted my spirits and given me so much hope.

 Thank you Jenny the Bloggess.

I am a true blue fan now.


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