Man-o El Man-o


Let me preface this by saying that I have never seen all of My Own Private Idaho. I have seen portions. I remember that Matt Dillon is in it. Was Kevin Bacon in it? If so then they would have be reunited in Wild Things which is the first lesbian kiss I had seen and the first movie I ever saw a shlong. (and it had to be the Bacon’s didn’t it?)*

No I haven’t seen all of MOPI, (shortened because I’m lazy) but I do know this, there is a gay plot line. And because of the gay plot line I have heard on several occasions that MOPI is slang for a gay man or at least a homo erotic moment. Before there was the term “Brokebackian” the was My Own Private Idaho. Though something tells me that Brokeback Mountain was a little more forthcoming on the man on man candy scenes.

I brought the idea of this term to my father who is Idahoan. (Seriously spell check, that’s how you spell it? Okay…) I delightfully informed him that the Term My Own Private Idaho is one that references young gay men. He thought it was quite funny and proceeded to call up several of his friends in Idaho to tell them. I haven’t heard if they think it’s as funny as he did.

Mr. plays a game online, some space shoot ’em game. On the game they have an erotica board where people post pictures of women in bikinis on top of cars. Recently someone has been posting shirtless pictures of Cristian Renaldo on there. While I find this very funny and slight tantalizing, Mr. is extremely put off by this. I tried to remind him that it is a Erotica board and that not everyone’s definition of erotica is a tanorexic woman in dental floss straddling a GTO. I think all he heard was straddling….

*[Fuck…So neither Matt Dillion nor Kevin Bacon were in MOPI. So apparently I am just talking out my ass and didn’t pay attention at all.  Well, I stand by my shlong comment. Not cool Bacon, still not cool.]


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