Karma, Dharma, Caramel


As I was watching Twilight again this weekend, a certain scene reminded me of an ex-boyfriend, who had an odd infatuation with girls in pony tails. He loved it when I would wear my hair up in a pony tail. He liked to lightly tug on it. Nothing naughty. (I was only seventeen after all) Often when I wear my hair up, I think of either my ex or this scene in twilight.

Tequila and Twinkies were a bad idea last night

For some reason I never put the two together. I never thought about the two at the same time. This boyfriend was ordinary; a thin and blond. He liked to think he resembled the lead singer from Lifehouse. This of course was when the band came out and “Hanging by a moment” made my little teen heart swoon.


He worked as a prep cook at a local seafood restaurant and because of this always smelled slightly like fried cod. He was a high school dropout who swore his eternal devotion to me. I found out years later he cheated several times, of course by then I wasn’t too upset about it. What did I expect, right? He was friends with a lot of my friends, including the Mr. who lived next door to him. Years later R told me that he and all their friend always wondered why I settled for that guy.

I'm staving for truth, and fried cod.

Really there wasn’t anything that exciting about my relationship with B. It was short and much like Deana Carter; the fields have grown over now… (Oh, how poetic am I) I honestly don’t know why I dated him for so long and this is my hypothesis. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. I feel that my relationship with B happened so I could learn the following things.

1. To realize that no matter how hard you scrub the smell of fish does not get out of your clothes.

2. Sweater vests will never look good on a man.

3. Guys do not appreciate having the song “Creep” put on a mixed CD for them.

The biggest thing that came from my dating B was months after breaking up I asked the Mr. to prom. I never would have talked to him in the first place had it not been for B. As neighbors I spent a lot of time standing there looking stupid as the guys talked about carburetors and pistons. Once I broke things off with B, I kept in contact with Mr., we ran in the same circles and months later we found ourselves dating. I was hesitant to date R; I didn’t want a repeat of my previous relationship. Of course I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything that was wrong with my previous relationship the Mr. made it right. And best of all he doesn’t resemble the lead singer of a Christian rock band.


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