Team Bella

 Over Christmas my father had decided that he was neither Team Edward or Team Jacob. Instead he would be Team Bella. I tried to argue that there really shouldn’t be a team Bella because we all know that Bella gets everything she wants in the end any way. Selfish Be-otch. (Jealous much?) However he insists that he is team Bella.

Card carrying member




Magnum PI Jimmy




Now as much as I would like to say that there isn’t  a Team Bella. Apparently I have to concede to my Dad. I have a hard time listening to my dad on subject such as this because he has a long history of being out of the loop on these subjects. For years he wore a tee shirts from hot topic and cut off sweatpants. These look complimented his Magnum PI mustasche quite well.
After some extensive thought on the subject I have decided that, while there may be Team Bella. My father is is not on that team. Why, you may ask. One word; Wolverines.
“Now Sue, she would have made one hell of a wolf. Leah’s more of a wolverine”
Sound familiar? Well, my father is from a magical place called Weiser. Home of the Fighting Wolverines.

Population in 1970; 4,108.      

4,107 once my Dad left to go Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon. Or as Dad calls it; COCC. (I am not making this up).
So I’m sorry, dear old Dad, but it would appear that you are in fact Team Leah.



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