I guess I’ll need to take out a second job


I was looking around on one of favorite non Twilight site a while back and found something quite disturbing. Behold the beauty of the twilight cake.

Wormy Arms, Delicious
As if that wasn’t frightening enough i found a plethora of scary merchandise out there. I’m sure you’ve all seen this.

Not what I pictured showering with R.Patz would be

I also found this gem.

I also found the mother of all dolls. I give you porn star Bella. Can’t you just see her with a smokers cough and a crossed out heart tattoo?

Hey there *hack hack* big boy

Close to my heart, cutting off my windpipe

I know I shouldn’t expect anything else. After all Twilight is a world-wide phenomenon. Of course they’ll be products out there that are slightly creepy. Feeling real brave. Check this website out.
I warned you…

I always feel like, somebody's watching me...


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