Girl Crush


I have a girl crush. It’s not that hard when it comes to the women that are in Twilight. They are all smoldering little dishes.  I have had a girl crush on Nikki Reed since she was in Thirteen. As Evie Zamora she was the biggest badass known to adolescence.   

The fact that she looks that mature at 14 and I still resemble a twelve year old bothers me.


But I digress because today my love is for one girl only. Julia Jones. I was so excited when I saw her cast as Leah because she is absolutely gorgeous.   

That’s some wolverine


As I have previously stated I love bitches. Leah comes in second to Rosalie in the Bitch o meter. (TM Megnacarta) That is a hard feat to achieve. Julia is everything I wanted her to be. Beautiful, luscious and cold. I hope that she gives a good performance because a lot is riding on her role. (At least I think so.) Plus she gives the best bitch face i can imagine in the promo photo. She is just smoking hot.  

Bitch Please

Live long and prosper Julia! I have faith in you.  






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