Children are cruel


As I may or may not have previously said; I am a preschool teacher. I am in charge of eight darling little children. (it frightens me as well.) Child are curious creatures, they love to explore things, to investigate the world around them. They also have no concept of empathy. Ergo, my children are killers. Ah, yes just today I witnessed a full scale roly poly genocide occurring. Those poor potato bugs never stood a chance.      

Long ago, I  had a kid who stomped on a bird’s head once. And then when I went to talk to him about he laughed. Okay, maybe not laughed because that would have been creepy. And I refuse to afraid of a five year old.*    

I love my kids, they are warm and snuggly sometimes. They make me laugh all the time. (Why yes, I did assume your father have a penis, thank you for telling me that.) One of my students pretends to be a different person/animal everyday; King Crab (snap snap), Chuck E. Cheese, Dora, Rat. I also have a child who looks like Robert Pattinson.

Dear God that is even creepier than I imagined


Okay, maybe not really like Rob, but how I imagine Rob would have looked as a toddler. All my coworkers think I’m crazy. And they may be right. Who knows?       

FYI: Here a real picture of R.Patz as a child.         

Much Better


 *Okay, so maybe one or two have freaked  me out. Get off my back assholes!    




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