Miss Fancy Pants


My sister, Toby Tyler is very involved in pageants. She has held several titles over the years. Although I am three years older than her, every time she competes they try to recruit me. I politely inform them that I am too old and too married. (not to mention completely untalented.) Enjoy this video of my dancing abilities.


I do regret not doing pageants when I was older. It would have been a great way to brush up on my mad interview skills not to mention who doesn’t like prancing around in bikini in front of thousands of people. This made me think of Bella. How would Bella do in a pageant? I would imagine horribly. (much like me.) She would probably fall off the stage. KStew would probably do a good job though. I can see her breaking it down old school. A little jig perhaps. You don’t see it? Okay maybe not. But wouldn’t she make a cute pageant girl? She could be Miss Ganja. Or Miss Stutterific.   

Blank expression check


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