Cool Rider


It’s recently, (AKA I should have een talking about this a while ago, but never got off my lazy ass to do it.) been announced that Bill Condon will be directing Breaking Dawn. He is best known for directing Dreamgirls, a movie I absolutely adore.    

I am very excited for this prospect because lets face it, I am as girl as it comes. I love musicals and pageants and pink and flowers. (Although I do not like small dogs, is my Vag-card revoked?) I’m a fucking Twihard* for God’s sake. The most girlish series ever written.    

But I digress because, as I was perusing some pictures of Bella and Jacob working on the motorcycles. I was reminded of a nagging feeling no matter the number of times I have seen these pictures every time I see them I can’t help but sing “Cool Rider” from Grease 2. Which makes me wonder if they’ll break into singing “Who’s that guy” when Jacob shows up at the school in Eclipse.     

He came out of the darkness in the middle of the night, Blazing like a mother with a fist of dynamite.


It could just be the Liza Minnelli in me but I would love a good musical number. It would certainly add a little jazz to the story. (Rim shot). And for fun here is Michelle Phieffer in Grease 2. The most underrated musical sequel. (Open for interpretation.)     

 *When I typed in Twihard it wanted to change it to Wizard. See, even the computer thinks that I’m Hermione Granger.


2 thoughts on “Cool Rider

  1. Jill Nicks

    Love to read your musings:) Yes, you’re a girly, girl. Could’ve been all that Mary Poppins and Strawberry Shortcake in the younger years! 🙂

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