Love for the Newt


I am struck by the idea that Mike Newton doesn’t get the props he deserves. Michael Welch is a cute guy. If he was in any other movie he would be just fine. The problem is that he is surrounded by these guys to compare to.

What’s Margret Cho doing here?
Poor Newt never stood a chance. I wish that he could get the recognition he deserves. He is cute boy when he wants to be.
I’m only talking to you because my brain is bleeding
I can appreciate Mike Newton. It is obvious that had those super hot sparkly vampires never shown up Mike would have been the big man on campus. We all went to school with Mike Newton. The lovable jock who was cute and funny. Some of us dated Mike Newton. (I dated the Eric Yorkie’s and not the cute Justin Chon character but the nerdy chess club kid from the book.) I know I had a friends that went out with Mike. He is a good enough boy in a small town. That is all he is. I have no doubts that had the Cullens never came to Forks Bella would have given Mike a chance. (I’m not sure about Jacob, maybe when they were older….) Of course the story wouldn’t have been very good. Nobody really cares about an awkward stumbling girl who falls in love with some random jock from school. Whoop de do! So give The Newt a chance if not for his
everyday cuteness for the fact that he likes the Boobs. (And I have those.)

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