Canoe Journey Faux Pas


I work for a local tribe in Washington State not too far from Forks and LaPush. Recently the tribes had their yearly canoe journey where they all travel by canoe to different host reservations. I was working in the first aid booth and a young man came in to get himself fixed up. I asked him about himself. He told me he was from the Quilute Reservation.

Without thinking I say. “Oh My God like Jacob!”

He looked at me rolled his eyes and said. “No, not like Jacob. We’re not werewolves.”

 I hung my head as I was just told by a twelve-year-old. Frickin Fantastic. I try very hard to appear to be a well-rounded and intelligent twenty something woman. And then I show my true colors.

This easily could be me. Only I don’t own boots that cool. Damn.
Try as I might to talk about different subject such as sports. (Apparently there was some controversy with Brett Farve a year ago. I just realized last night) I can’t help but compare everything to Twilight. My mom recently spotted a bear prowling her neighborhood. Mind you she lives in a residential development. There is no reason a bear would be strolling down the streets. Instead of offering a cry of shock I said.
“Maybe it was the super bear. Better bring some honey.”
She looked at me and shook her head. “Twilight?”
“No” I cried before sheepishly looking down “New Moon.”
Not the super bear
I’m not sure I should just admit that I have no other interests or try to go on pretending that I have seen the light of day since September of 2008. It’s a tough call. One thing I know for sure is I am completely, unconditionally and irrevocably obsessed with Twilight.
Short but sweet. Just like Alice

Here’s where to buy it.


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