Nikki Reed is my Biotch/ I heart Kaleb Nation


If you do not know about Kaleb Nation, you may as well have been living under a rock. He is the hysterical author behind Twilight Guy as well as being the author of Bran Hambric-The Farfield Curse. He also is the creator of some great images including this one.

He read through the saga, writing up his thoughts on each chapter. If you haven’t checked it out yet (and if you haven’t where have you been?) Do so right now. (Actually read this post, then comment, then go.)

I have been slihgtly neglectful with my love for the saga. Sure I’ve reading my blogs, faithfully everyday I’m on Twitarded and LTT, quietly lurking on them.

However I can’t resist posting this video because it has my favorite girl, Nikki Reed being interviewed by Kaleb Nation


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