Some time ago, a miracle occurred

A few odd years ago, my parents were born. On the same day, in the same year. Mere hours apart and an entire state away. On their 29th birthday my Mom went into labor with me; giving me a birthday the day after theirs. My parent were always the cool parents, the fun parents. All my friends wanted my parents for their own. Jealous, bitches.
My Father likes to be called “Your Awesomeness” and my mother is the spitting image of Rachel Greene from Friends. Yeah, she’s that good-looking. It is impossible not to love my parents.
 They totally rock and I wish I could give them a tribute that they truly deserve but instead I want to show the best picture of them ever taken. The photographic proof that my parents can party down.
Yes, this is my parents. No you cannot borrow them.
Happy Birthday Your Awesomeness and Beans.
I love you!

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